Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

January 18, 2018

Pantone has selected its new color of the year: Ultra Violet (PANTONE 18-3838). This color was selected in order to communicate “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.” The color, a blue based violet, presents a somewhat futuristic, while calm and soothing vibe. The color is meant to inspire mindfulness, ingenuity, and innovation for the years ahead. Violet is a unique color in that it is the combination of two colors considered to be most diametrically opposed, blue and red. For this, the Pantone Institute has stated that this sort of unity is what is needed in our world today.

Emotion and Atmosphere
As stated, the color is meant to promote contemplation and thoughtfulness about the universe and what is to come. The color, while not unsuitable for more traditional events (as some bright, neon colors might be), is unique and new. The color is especially well suited if you’re wishing to create a calm and contemplative atmosphere. The color is striking, standing out and not fading into the background, without being harsh or too “bold” for many events.

Using Ultra Violet for Your Events and Decorations
If you choose to use the color as a main part of your event, it can provide an interesting night feeling without being too dark, similar to the feeling one might get looking at the stars far from the city on a clear night.The color would also work especially well as an accent and can impart a sophisticated and modern touch if used in this manner.

Complementary Colors and Design Ideas

The color would go quite nicely with just about any neutral color. With white it would promote a very royal feel. With black, one that is reminiscent of space or the night sky. With gray it would impart a futuristic or techno vibe. With brown, a cozy and calming atmosphere.

Aside from using the color as part of your main event below are some ideas for accenting with Ultra Violet

Using the shade with a floral or bouquet arrangement
Using the shade for sashes of bridesmaids or flower girls
Using the color for lettering or designs on custom glassware.
Using the color for ribbons to decorate your event
For framed photographs, consider framing a smaller photo with a paper behind acting as a background of Ultra Violet. This would impart a very unique and modern look to the area especially if contrasted with a dark, nicely grained wood frame and black and white photos.

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