Frequently Asked Questions

Hexadecimal color numbers are codes created for Internet and web designs. Hard copy printing — for banners, posters, and fabrics — uses the Pantone color schematic

When we print we use a vector file (straight lines and curves) some formats like some jpegs, png files use pixels which are squares this will make your image blurry and may not look good when printed. Please see this link for more information.

Unopened items can be returned within 10 days on most products unless stated on website. A restocking fee of 30% or minimum $10.00 will be applied to all refunds. You must notify our office if you are returning an item at
Personalized products, special order products, cloth, paper lanterns or any products that come with personalized tags or stickers cannot be refunded. Products with batteries or use batteries cannot be returned. Returns will only be accepted within 30 days and must be unopened any opened favours will not be refunded. Closeout and discontinued products will not be returnable or replaced.

We keep all of your films on file, which we do not charge for. However, due to job turnaround we need to re-use our screens for every job, so the screen setup fee will be charged again in the event of a re-order.

Our shipping rates are posted rates from our carriers, if there is a issue where it does not give you a rate it can mean a few things like address is spelled wrong, postal code is wrong be sure to double check it may be as simple as a zero "0" inputed as a letter "o".

No changes can be made to glassware colour of print after 24 hrs. Changes can be made to proofing eg. design only. Changes after 24 hrs will result in a $15.00 fee.

Due to imprint areas, we reserve the right to re-size your artwork in order to fit the imprint area of the item ordered; regardless of what size the submitted artwork is. You may request a certain size on your product providing it does not exceed the maximum imprint size of the item ordered.

High resolution, camera-ready artwork. (300 dpi or better). Files in PSD.. PDF. AI. TIFF. and JPEG. unexceptable is word document .doc files

We do not take any responsibility to obtain permission for reproduction of logos, patents, trademarks and copyrights. By agreeing to print any submitted artwork, we will not be held liable for any copyright issues under any circumstances. We will not print Walt Disney etc. images without written permission.

The industry standard for customized products dictates a no return and a no refund policy. However, if an order is not well received due to an error on our part we will reprint the order and ship it Ground Service.

The Set Up Fee is charged to include the making of the screen (where your custom image is burned into a mesh  - Like the screen on your window), it includes the cost of ink used during printing, and environmental charges of proper disposing of ink, towels,etc. Print Canada Store disposes of ink and related items with all requirements of the Ministry of the Environment. No ink goes to our landfills.

We do collect taxes in Canada all US orders are not taxed. All Items do not include taxes.

NO the image is screen printed on the glass and baked on. It is recommended that all Printed glass be hand washed in soapy water.

Yes because we print our own glassware and there is no middleman we can in most cases rush your personalized glassware order.

If items are in stock and ordered before 2pm they can get shipped same day. Some items may need to be ordered in and can take 1 - 2 weeks to weeks to arrive at our location to ship out, for personalized glass due to the time of the season 2 to 3 weeks. Contact us through email to make sure the product will arrive on time. Rush orders are available on most items.

A. All orders are charged with the shipping company of your choice.Orders over $200 are FREE our personalized glassware and large items do not qualify for free shipping due to packaging costs and weight.

Yes all pricing in in C.A.D funds and do not have duties or any brokerage fees. All Items Shipped from Canada