Fall Wedding Ideals

September 18, 2017

Most people prefer to have their wedding ceremonies during the falls (autumn) and the reason for this is not farfetched. However, even with the conducive weather climatic conditions of the autumn which contributes a great deal towards making the wedding ceremonies great. There are still some potential downsides that are associated with it. The first of such is the fact that you need to remind yourself that even if guests feel comfortable during the afternoon ceremony, the weather is bound to drop in the evening.
Furthermore, there’s the need to pick the perfect color combinations and a unique decoration to make the whole wedding ceremony get all the glamour it truly deserves. This is the main purpose of this article. This article will try as much as possible to provide you with enough ideas and suggestions aimed at making your autumn wedding a remarkable success.
The biggest challenge of most people when planning fall wedding is that they try too hard to play by the “rules” (which are mostly myths). Creativity is the key here and you need to be ready to take the bull by the horn and do what makes you feel good. There are common ideas but you should never allow yourself to be restricted by them because nothing is set in stone. Some of such myths are stated below

Common myths of fall wedding
It must be held indoors: Most people believe that fall weddings have to be held indoors but it’s nothing but a myth. If you fancy the idea of an outdoor wedding, also want it in the fall, you are good to go. It’s all about getting the setting right. You can have your ceremony, cocktail and even reception outdoors and when the weather begins to drop towards the evening, you move indoors for the rest.
You must feature pumpkins: It’s quite common to see people trying to reflect the season in their decorations by incorporating pumpkins but this is not compulsory. Other fruits like apples, grapes and pears will do just fine in this regard without pumpkins. In the end, you end up reflecting the season, while also making your event unique.
The color scheme must be “fall foliage”:  Just like the other myths above, this one also doesn’t have to be. Fall foliage is widely accepted as a standard because it reflects the season perfectly but then, there are many other color schemes that do just fine. Listed below are some of

Pineapple and Cardinal Red
Since both colors here are vivid hues, you are out for a colorful wedding. Just make the pineapple yellow the dominant color with a touch of cardinal red at the right places and you’re good to go.
Cherry Red, Orange and Peach
If you intend on having your wedding between September and November and you’re confused on whether to lean more towards fall or summer with your choice of colors, use this color combination, as it combines both seasons. The good news is that all three colors are compatible and will surely make your event more stylish.
Gray and Navy: This is for you if you prefer a classy; yet low-key color combination for the event.
Some other noteworthy color combinations are: Orange, Brown and Hunter Green; Maroon and Dusty Yellow; Burnt Orange and Navy; Royal Blue and Yellow; Silver and Dove Gray; Navy and Yellow

With the above listed ideas, you can never get it wrong with a fall wedding. Give it a spin today.

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