Summer Weddings

June 9, 2018

Summer is a time of relaxation and happiness and because of that most vacations happen during the summer. The weather gets better in the summer and somehow the world just seems a little bit brighter. It comes as no surprise that summer weddings are extremely popular.
The most popular months to get married are June, September and October. The first two of these months are summer months, early summer and late summer respectively. In this season we have more vibrant colours used in weddings, more outgoing designs. Everything is bigger and better. Summer weddings are distinctly noticeable through their locations, colours etc.
Having a summer wedding opens up a plethora of possible locations, it enables more guests to be able to attend your wedding because summer comes with some free time. A summer wedding will also provide a large selection of flowers, less layers on your wedding dress and the option of having a destination wedding in a location of your choice. The first step to planning a summer wedding is selecting a theme and colour scheme. These colour schemes usually consist of two or three colours. Colours often associated with summer weddings are warm, bright colours. Colours like yellow, sky blue, lilac, aqua, sage, peach, orange, tangerine, warm pink and the likes. The best way to balance your colour scheme would be to pick two warm colours and one dark colour to even things out.
There are several location options for summer weddings. One of which would be a seaside wedding. As the name implies, the wedding ceremony as well as the reception could hold beside the vibrant waves. This option is a popular option because it gets hot in the summer so the fresh air will keep the wedding party at a cool temperature. The second option would be a garden wedding. This wedding would be surrounded by various flowers and plants. The sweet perfume from the flowers will keep the day lively. Garden weddings could be risky due to appearance of bugs. However, there are locations that are bug free and protected. The third option for a summer wedding would be on a lawn. This option would provide you with total controlling rights on what you want the decor to look like. You could transform the plains into a personal rustic dreamland. Some other possible locations include backyards, country clubs as well as barns and courtyards.

Summer weddings are extremely popular and because of this they can be a bit pricey however you cannot place a price tag on love.

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