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  • Burgundy Red Paper Lantern
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Quantity1 - 910 - 4950 - Unlimited

Round paper lanterns with an even wire ribbing. Lantern is held open with a wire expander. Lanterns are hand made and may have slight variations in colors from size to size.

These small and long lasting Single and Double LED lights are ideal for lighting Paper Lanterns. Simple and compact, you no longer have to deal with troublesome cords and wires. They are good for Paper Lanterns between the diameters of 10" ~ 16". Use fishing line to attach to the lantern. Last 36 to 48 hrs continuously.
 Larger lanterns use 12 LED light Use 1 Light even for larger lanterns, our paper lantern lights contain 12 super bright led lights. which produce a very bright light and even distribution of light just like a light bulb. Just hang the light from the upper wire framework. Conveniently located on off switch with 7 hrs of illumination. Batteries NOT included. (Lights can be used from 10" to 24")

Paper lantern sizes: 10" ~ 16" (for bigger size lantern, use 12 led light)
Single light Battery operated (2 CR2016 batteries included)
 12 led lights use 3xAAA batteries not included
Single light ONLY $2.29 (Use with 10" and 12" Lanterns)
Double LED Light $3.29 ( Use with 12", 14" and 16" Lanterns)
12 LED light ONLY $4.29 (Use with 14", 16", 20" and 24" Lanterns) 

ADD A PAPER LANTERN LIGHT:                              12 LED