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Personalized Cocktail Glasses

Serve your Bloody Mary, Shirley Temple, Screwdriver, Gin and Tonic, Long Island Tea, Vodka Tonic, Harvey Wallbanger, Fuzzy Navel, and more in these sturdy Cocktail Glasses. Our great selection of glassware can be personalized for your wedding, bridal shower, birthday, anniversary or any special event. Customize your glasses with our wide selection of fonts, designs, and print colours.

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Personalized Event Favours and Supplies

You are sure to find all your personalized event favours and supplies.

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Personalized Event Napkins

Personalized event napkins are fashionable way to add some class at the bar for your drinks, or place the luncheon napkins near the cake table or buffet and wow your guests.

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Personalized Favours and Gifts

Personalize your baby shower favour and gifts with a special message from our exclusive glassware to mint tins, we have everything you need.

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Personalized Frosted Glassware

Great selection of frosted shooter glass, shot glasses and votive candle holders. Great for any wedding, party or corporate event with the glow of the candle in the frosted glass and the amazing colour print.

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Personalized Gifts

Print Canada Store huge selection of personalized gifts your sure to find the gift that will wow anyone. To your bridal party gift or special someone browse our selection of engraved and printed gifts.

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